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Published: 18th July 2009
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The term "bootleg" is highly debated in the movie download community. According to some, a "bootlegged" movie is a film that is recorded in a movie theater with a camcorder and placed on the Internet prior to its release in DVD form. Others in the online movie community believe that "bootlegged" movies are any type of movie that is uploaded to the Internet for sharing purposes.

No matter what your interpretation of "bootleg" may be, you will find both varieties of movies online for free download. In fact, there are many websites worldwide that are dedicated to uploading and cataloguing free bootleg movie downloads for use by anyone with a computer and a Internet connection. These websites will either load the movies to their website on their own or will rely on members from the download community to upload their own bootlegged movies and to share them with one another.

Are Bootlegged Movies Illegal?

The answer to this question is "yes" and "no". According, to the manner in which you participate, you may or may not be violating the law. If you go to a free bootleg movies website and watch the movie on the website, you are not violating the law. Only the person who uploaded the movie to the Internet is deemed to be violating the law. However, the moment that you download the movie to your own computer, you are in fact violating the law.

Still, there are ways to work around these laws in order to avoid charges. Many computer users will use IP Changers. These changers will change your computers IP numbers so that they can't be tracked by Peer-2-Peer networks or other agencies that may be looking for people who are illegally downloading movies. Other people download the movies of their choice, burn them to DVD and then erase them completely from their computer's hard drive in order to avoid any traces.

How To Obtain Legal Bootleg Movies Online

The best way to obtain legal bootleg movies online is to find a website that simply streams the movies. Most of these websites will upload the movies to other video sharing websites such as MegaVideo or Zshare. This way they don't have anything illegal on their own server. These websites will then provide links to their movies, so that you can watch them and download them.

Additionally, these types of websites (MegaVideo and Zshare) are not monitored the way Peer-2-Peer networks and Torrent download websites are. You can find free Internet Video Converters online that will allow you to secretly download these films onto your computer. All websites that house these types of films in flash format are open to you downloading the videos from their website. This is by and far one of the easiest manners to use when looking for free bootleg movie downloads.

It is also one of the safest ways that you can go about downloading these films without the fear or running into legal issues. Government agencies and media outlets don't have access or the ability to trace movies being downloading from these types of websites.


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